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“We had a great time on the flight and everything went as planned. It could not have gone any smoother. Your attention to detail is commendable. Something which has become extremely rare these days. (Almost extinct!) Thank you for all of your help, and I look forward to flying PFA again.”

Our Stables Are Full


The Citation Sovereign is a mid-size private jet with long-range capabilities. Its cabin is very spacious with plenty of headroom and legroom.


A light size private jet with long-range capabilities. Its cabin is characterized by quiet, convenient storage and a digital pressurization controller.

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Life Is A Journey. Travel It Well.

Our goal is to provide the “Ultimate Client Experience” by providing the highest level of services with a commitment to safety and transparency. When you choose PrivateFlite Aviation, you are choosing one of the best in the industry.

Here is why…
We have assembled a team of professionals who exceed expectations to create an extraordinary experience. We offer an array of services, including Charter, Aircraft Management, and Aircraft Acquisitions Services.

PrivateFlite Aviation holds many certificates, including ARGUS Gold and a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation.

Let us help you successfully navigate the world of aviation and provide you the information you need to make better-informed decisions.