Aircraft Management Program

PrivateFlite Aviation offers a comprehensive aircraft management program that combines experience, safety, and reliability to provide a solution customized to your individual aviation needs. You’ll realize all the advantages of having your own in-house flight department without the responsibility or overhead.

At PrivateFlite Aviation, expertise stems from more than 20 years of experience managing all types of aircraft.  This proven expertise allows PrivateFlite to deliver a virtually effortless aviation experience and one that is beyond compare.

Part 91 Aircraft Management

The PrivateFlite Aviation Part 91’s streamline solutions include pilot selections and hiring, maintenance program management, trip planning, scheduling, documentation, and oversight of every operational phase. Work with us and experience the difference.

  • 24/7 flight operations to allow flexibility in scheduling flights at your convenience
  • Flight followers who excel at coordinating all aspects of your flight planning and scheduling
  • Leveraged discounts on services and insurance through our vendor network
  • Maintenance planning and management focused on minimal downtime
  • Comprehensive crew management and training
  • Reporting customized to your needs
  • Fractional ownership opportunities available
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Part 135 Charter Management

The PrivateFlite Aviation Part 135 Charter Management Program is the perfect option for maximizing the value of your aircraft.  Utilizing the expertise and support of the team, your aircraft – when not in use by you – can be offered to applicable customers for charter.  Adding your aircraft to PrivateFlite’s charter certificate will allow you to generate revenue to offset the costs of operation as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits. You will always have the ability to schedule your aircraft for your use when you need it.